Argosy Wind Power™ is a global leader of wind turbine systems for Community Wind applications.  With over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing wind turbines, Argosy Wind Power’s™ team deploys innovative and advanced technologies which are ordinarily only found in large mega-watt utility sized turbines.  Our advanced, permanent magnet / direct drive, gearless, technologies not only radically improve the performance of our turbine systems but also drastically improve their reliability and decrease maintenance and repair problems.  Visit the Argosy Wind turbine technology page to learn more about our wind power engineering & wind power designs.

American Wind Turbines for the Global Community

As a global company, we strive to be good global citizens with a keen awareness of both sustainability and local community issues.  Our global strategy seeks to both maximize transportation efficiency as well as to contribute to the economic development of the communities we serve.

What is Community Wind? Although there is no standard definition of “Community Wind”, turbines between 20 and 100 MW are generally considered Community Wind projects if local owners own at least one third of the project.


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